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Coming Up:

Lake Sammamish Half Marathon, March 8, 2014. I’m running 13.1 miles on my 40th birthday! A close friend will be joining me for the race although we will each run separately. My intention is to begin my fourth decade strong.

Most recent race:

Elvis Birthday Bash 10K, January 18, 2014, Olympia, WA. Cold and very hilly. Approximately 57 or 58 minutes – it wasn’t chip timed and there were no mile markers or water on the course. Smaller and rather more low budget than I expected for $48 but whatever. I placed #24 out of 51 people. The race was in part an attempt to set the Guinness World Record for most Elvii (plural of Elvis) to run a race and we got excellent t-shirts.


Hot Buttered Run 12K, December 1, 2013, Vancouver, WA. I ran this three years ago in 59 minutes (8:15 pace) and liked it. This year I didn’t come close to matching that pace and finished in one hour, twelve minutes (about 9:30 pace). Twelve kilometers is an interesting distance, and it turned out they measured the course incorrectly so I actually ran 7.75 miles instead of 7.5. This year’s event fell on my what would have been my sister’s 37th birthday. Missing her always.

Run Like Hell 10K, October 20, 2013, Portland, OR. 56 minutes. Fun and festive. Lots of costumes. Great vegan chili and two beers at the end (which I didn’t drink. Two pints at 10 am is a bit too much for me). There is a half marathon option that would be fun to do next year!

Sunriver Half Marathon. September 1, 2013. Sunriver, Oregon. This race was so much fun! The course meanders around golf courses and trails and bike paths in central Oregon. It was hot and sunny, and I should have worn sunglasses. There were very few spectators and I paced myself in order not to burn out early. My time was not very impressive: 2 hours, 10 minutes. I walked a minute here and there. I would definitely do this half again, except I’d train more so I could go faster.

Every Girl’s 5K, August 18, 2013, Ridgefield, WA. Fun 5K for a great cause. Another women-centric run that was fast and friendly. 26 minutes and some change.

Cosmo 7K. August 7, 2013. Vancouver, WA. Evening run. I rarely run in the evenings so this was a hot, humid treat complete with a cosmopolitan at the end of the race. I placed 253 out of 851 women. Officially middle-of-the-pack. 7K is kind of a strange distance. 7K = 4.35 miles. I went out too fast and ended up quite exhausted at the finish. But done is done. 42 minutes.

Run Like A Girl 10K, June 2, 2013, Vancouver, WA. Great morning for a small town kinda run. I placed 7th in my age group (35-39) with a time of 56 minutes. However, due to the fact that a bunch of us toward the start missed a turn, I ran an extra .3 miles giving me a pace time of 8:37 minutes per mile. I was quite pleased with this time. The course traveled by the Columbia River and through quiet streets in this southwestern Washington city. A total of 140 runners finished the 10K, mostly women. Lots of pink and tutus and sparkle on the roads.

Run Mama Run 10K. May 12, 2013. This race was officially untimed, but I think it took me almost an hour! BIG hills. These four loops within the beautiful Mt. Tabor Park located in southeast Portland were a serious challenge for someone who rarely trains on hills. Before the race, I ran with my oldest son in a 1/4 mile kids run. He was so excited to earn his first running medal!

Hot Chocolate 5K, March 3, 2013, Seattle, WA. 27 minutes flat. Brrrrr. Chilly, hilly course in downtown Seattle. The hot chocolate at the finish was welcome.


Started off the New Year with swimming and stretching and acupuncture. No running.

1st run of the year: January 21st! Thirty minutes = 3 miles in the neighborhood. The streets always welcome me back.

Run Like a Mother 5K, May 13, 2012, Portland, Oregon. 27 minutes. Great start to Mother’s Day!

Oregon Wine County Half Marathon, September 2, 2012. Bailed. Didn’t run. Not enough training. Boo.

Winter Wonderland Six-Miler, December 1, 2012, Portland, Oregon. 53:38 minutes (8:57 pace) Rainy! Fun! Night race!


2011 Mother’s Day 5K, Portland, Oregon. Cool and raining (of course). Slightly hilly course (I like hills). Results: #10 out of 80 women in my age group, 8:50 pace, #32 overall out of 302 runners (all women)

4th of July 8K in Arlington, Virginia. July 4, 2011. HOT. HUMID. HILLS. Ran with a close friend. 45 minutes. 8K = 4.97096 miles.

Portland Trail Series Race # 1: August 31, 2011. 6.79 miles on trails. Hills (again). Turned ankle (not good). 62 minutes.

Oregon Zoo Turkey Trot, November 24, 2011. Four miles on hilly, soggy roads with lots and lots of other runners. 39 minutes. Ran with friends. Great start to the holiday.

Holiday Half Marathon, Portland, Oregon. December 11, 2011. 2 hours, 10 minutes. Slow and steady. Cold. Jingle bells. Fun!


  • 5k/3.1 miles: 20:10 at age 15 (6:43 pace. McLean, VA. So it was 22 (!) years ago. It still counts!)
  • 8K/5 miles: TBD
  • 10k/6.2 miles: 46:15 (7:44 pace. Portland, OR. Sometime in 2005)
  • 12K/7.3 miles: 59 minutes (8:15 pace. Vancouver, WA.  November 2010)
  • Half-marathon: 1:50:00 (8:39 pace. Cascade Half Marathon, OR. February 2006)
  • Marathon: 4:29:11 (10:27 pace. Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC. October 2001)
  • Ultra: 50 K or 50 miler:  Ha! Never attempted. But it’s on my things-to-do-someday list.


My running journey has had plenty of ups and downs and breaks for various reasons. I started running at age 14  in P.E. on a dusty outdoor track. I once came in second to the fastest boy in the class. Ran cross country and indoor track for two seasons in high school. I regret stopping, though I didn’t really stop running.

Running is beautiful. It doesn’t take much coordination and requires very limited equipment. One can run almost anywhere. I own a treadmill that lives in my basement, but I much prefer to run outdoors. I’m not very fast, but I enjoy a little competition. I love trails, but mostly run on roads in my neighborhood.

1988: Ran the mile (or was it half a mile?) for 8th grade P.E. class. Discovered I could run! And that I liked it!

1988-90: Ran cross country and winter track (3.1 mile trail runs and 1 mile indoor track, respectively)

1991-92: Running mostly took place during soccer practice and matches

1992-96: College. No formal participation in sport. Random bursts of regular running, but generally limited.

1996-97: 1st real job! 1st real apartment! Real running! I started running “for real” — participating in many 10Ks, lots of fun runs

1998-2000: Peace Corps service in the Dominican Republic. I lived in both rural and semi-urban areas where it was extremely hot and running was generally perceived to be a strange thing, especially by a foreign woman in shorts. Thus, my runs were typically limited to taking place in early morning hours and I rarely completed more than five miles.

2001: Completed my first and only marathon. I trained using the Jeff Galloway method and met a group for long runs on Saturday mornings. This was a very effective training methodology for me, though I tend not to like to take walk breaks. I experienced no injuries while training; however, I developed serious knee pain about half way through the actual marathon, which dramatically slowed my second half. My sister Liz jumped in at about mile 16 to support me and ran the final ten miles with me, jumping out of the road just before the finish. She was the reason I finished!

2002-present: Pretty much a regular runner. Mostly 10Ks and about seven or eight half-marathons. Ruptured my Achilles tendon in January 2009 (playing indoor soccer, which is running but not exactly) and had to take six months off. Two pregnancies, during which I was not a runner! I admire women who keep up their fitness regimes during pregnancy, but I didn’t have it in me. I loved getting back to running after each of my beautiful boys was born. Unfortunately, I’m not a morning person, and between work + kids, it’s difficult to find the TIME to run. I know, I know. I have to suck it up and get up earlier. But it’s hard.

skp runs


6 thoughts on “Run Swim Om

  1. jnbean says:

    You’re fast! I’m so impressed with your PRs, not to mention all the different kinds of races you’ve done. Run on, girl!

  2. KLHealy says:

    Brings back a lot of running memories for me! I’m not as good at regularly running races, but happy to see we’re keeping a similar pace so if we’re ever on the same side of the country we could pick up where we left off in HS! My last half was 1:49:20 so we’re still wihin a minute of one another – weird, huh?

    • skpadilla says:

      KH: It would be great to go for a run together! I’ll be in Atlanta sometime in February. Maybe we can make it happen! My next half is December 11. Will see how it goes!

  3. abbieb says:


    I randomly found your blog while searching for ATR info. I ruptured my Achilles two weeks ago and had surgery 3 days after the tear. I tore mine playing indoor soccer as well. I am under 30 and love playing soccer but at this point I think the fear of rerupture has exceeded my love for the game. Just wondering if you gave up soccer after your ATR? Thanks.

    • skpadilla says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your Achilles. It was six months before I was running again. I did give up soccer, but I was older than you are (35) and it was more important to me to begin able to run long distances than play. I also did not have surgery, but wore a boot 24-7 for seven weeks and then did PT, etc for a few months. As you heal, consider acupuncture if you find your progress slowing down – it worked wonders for me. Good luck!

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