dreaming of wellness

Hello Friday, I’m so happy to meet you today!

Today I’m linking up with Cynthia at yousignedupforwhat?!, EatPrayRunDC and MarontheRun for the weekly Friday Five. I’m excited to have discovered three new bloggers who focus on health and wellness. Evidently I’m in need of both, because last night I dreamed about being sick for what felt like all night.

In this particularly vivid dream a close friend showed up at our house with her family during a raging snowstorm. She energetically insisted that we had signed up to run a 10K foot race located across town… I didn’t recall registering, but what are you gonna do. We piled in the back of this enormous vehice, tucking our kids sans seat belts under a fleece blanket. I was unable to breathe for several minutes, congested and bleeding and tired, but no one seemed to notice.

I woke up still dreaming. It was very strange. I almost announced to my family that Mama is very, very sick and needs to stay in bed today, but then I looked in the mirror and took a few deep breaths and walked outside on the deck. The sun was out. Unbelievable. I wasn’t congested. I wasn’t bleeding. I was, in fact, no sicker than anyone else in our family, which is to say not sick.

Still, the feeling lingered for a while, and I felt cloudy. Instead of reaching immediately for caffeine I put a bunch of raw kale in the blender, threw in half a banana, some frozen blueberries and unsweetened coconut milk plus a healthy scoop of protein powder. The sound of the blender is delicious. It makes kids come running into the kitchen, but this smoothie was for me.

I drank deeply, and then I poured a cup of steaming coffee. Coffee as a side dish = perfection.

I am looking forward to a little wellness this weekend.


My Friday Five include:

1. First soccer match of the season. My oldest will play tomorrow morning under the direction of his coach aka his Dad. Chance of rain = 80%, but that’s ok. We live in Portland!

2. Pedicure. This is happening today. I’ve promised myself (any local readers want to join me?)

3. Free Friday with my little guy. He doesn’t have school on Fridays, and we get to hang out. He still challenges me on a regular basis, but he also makes me laugh. This morning he asked if he could taste my kale smoothie, but before taking a sip, he asked me if it was poison. 

4. Getting in the garden:  Our broccoli, cauliflower and sugar snap pea starts are looking good. Two days ago I carefully planted two dozen teensy containers with mixed greens, kale and carrot seeds. I placed them outdoors to get a few hours of sun. My youngest boy came running in beaming, tugging on my hand.

Mama! I planted aaallllll the carrot seeds! Come see!

Um, okay? you did what?

I planted allllll the seeds!

We walked outside. He had opened the bag of carrot seeds and dumped all of them all over my planted containers. Carrot seeds are tiny, and removing them with tweezers proved unsuccessful. Also, you’re supposed to plant carrot seeds “sparingly” which does not mean thirty per seed pot. So frustrating. The kid ruined my seeds, and was happy about it. So we’re hitting up the Portland Nursery for some cheerful starts and ladybugs.

5. Movement: a solo run and swim are on the calendar.

Happy Friday, readers!



16 thoughts on “dreaming of wellness

  1. Mom says:

    Wonderful piece!

  2. runsaltrun says:

    You have some wonderful things ahead for you! The sound of the blender always makes my 2 year old run into the kitchen as well. Smoothies are her favorite. 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your pedicure! (I need one. Badly.)

  3. thanks for linking up and enjoy your weekend — sounds like its full of fun active things 🙂

  4. paralaxvu says:

    Just wait until all 20,000 carrots pop up at the same time and get his little teeny hands to dig up a couple thousand for you. 😉

  5. Yay, thanks for linking up with us!! I like the idea of a pedicure – enjoy that 🙂 and what a vivid dream – yikes. Thankfully, it was just that – a dream!!

  6. JenB says:

    Coming from the Friday Five link up … I often have vivid dreams. But I always do seem to forget them quickly if I don’t write them down. I’d really love to have a garden, but I don’t know that I can prep it myself, and I just don’t feel I can put anything more on Hubby’s plate (he’s pretty overwhelmed with work and such). We should have soccer starting soon too (for the youngest, my older boys only like basketball … I loved playing soccer myself.) Sandal season is coming, I should probably be thinking about a pedicure… Gotta have cute toes! 🙂

  7. candradb says:

    I like the variety of healthy living you demonstrate: nutritious breakfast, home-grown produce, physical activites. You are inspiring! 🙂

  8. How old is the child who challenges you? I have one who challenges me as well, we’re having a rough phase right now! I would LOVE to garden but we haven’t invested the time and energy into it yet. Maybe as the kids get a little bigger we can take on that endeavor.

    • skpadilla says:

      He turned four years old two weeks ago. I am cautiously optimistic that his behavior will improve now that he is four. I recall this age was a major milestone for my oldest son. We’re very lucky because gardening here is quite easy… it’s a great climate for easy to grow starts, and this year I even started some plants from seed – fingers crossed we make it to harvest! Thank you for reading!

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