After my last post I thought I’d take a break from blogging for awhile.

Too boring. Too depressing.


Today my youngest made me laugh more than once and it feels like worth documenting, at least to me.

Every week his preschool teacher assigns the kids a job: line leader, meeting leader, in-school cleaner-upper (I like this one), etc.

One of the jobs is called Backpack.

Backpack means you get to take a cheery red backpack home for a week. In the Backpack there is a Snowy Owl. The job is to take care of the Owl and take him with you on your adventures.

This is very exciting.

On the way home, M told me that Snowy Owl would like to have some hot cocoa today.

Really? The Owl wants hot cocoa?

Oh yes, Mama. He really wants some hot cocoa.


Because he is very, very thirsty.

Well, combine an owl’s thirst with a chilly, darkish cloudy but it just might turn into a sunshiney day, and that’s good reason for hot cocoa in my opinion.


We proceeded to have an Owl and Hot Cocoa Party.


Cups were drained.


Afterwards, the owls decided to take in some sun on the deck.

Unfortunately, M sustained an injury while the owls were resting.

Mama! I have splinters in my butt!

Deep Breath.

Really? What happened?

I don’t know! I was sitting here playing here with these friends when I got splinters in my butt!


Me, speechless. These garden gnomes were living in the Garden until recently. Evidently they are up to no good this season.

I checked out the so-called splinter area and observed zero splinters. So that was good. We went on to pick up his big brother from school, hang out at the local playground, and came home to read books, grump about dinner options and share the sweetest stories about first grade and trading notes.


That’s it, readers. Good night.

Care for hot cocoa?


8 thoughts on “Care for hot cocoa?

  1. I’m not sure of your motives for blogging so have no way of successfully manipulating you to keep writing!

    However, I read every single one of your posts and love them all, I don’t always comment, I sometimes forget to ‘like’, but I always read and cherish.

    If you kept writing for the silent crowd like me who love what you write, that would be wonderful. If not, I’m going to be excited when you return.

  2. mandy says:

    This is great and made me laugh as well.

  3. poppycrimson says:

    Oh dear, this is too cute! I really love stories about children. For people like me, without children, it’s always very interesting to hear what and how little people think. Thank you very much for sharing this.
    I hope you won’t quit blogging or return.

  4. Nichola says:

    You can’t quit blogging. I won’t let you.
    πŸ™‚ Nichola

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