the heart speaks

It’s that time of year again. Bells ring as I make my way into the grocery store after locating a parking spot furthest away from the door. The kids are back at school today. Our nine-day turkey break was mostly good.

A few challenges with the littlest guy made their way into every day (hour), but he also made some strides in using his words and being active appropriately. He ran two “races” – one turkey themed and one candy cane themed. He loves mint, and a candy cane is an excellent incentive for good behavior. While speaking to him in a reasonable and yet stern tone about why he could not have another candy cane before dinner, he stamped his tiny foot, but accepted the decision without totally freaking out. I consider this progress.

Observing the situation, my eldest commented, You handled that really well, Mom.

Thank you, oh six-year-old-of-my-heart.

Reverb13 is a reflection writing challenge that began in December 2009. I participated to a degree last year and only just decided to do so this month. The more I write, the more I find the words a bit easier to find. It’s good practice. Sometimes blogging doesn’t feel like “real” writing, but what is writing but the language of the heart? We all speak our own dialect. It comes out in bits and drabs on the paper or sometimes vomits itself across the screen. I write, scribble, delete, pause, cringe, shake my head.

Eventually I write some more. Delete. Write. Delete. Is a writer ever completely satisfied?

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.   – Ernest Hemingway

Today’s Reverb13 prompt was to listen to my heart.

This morning a glint of light on a piece of broken glass in the driveway gave me pause. It threatened harm to bare feet and bicycle tires, but the subtle-simple shine was so pretty. In listening to my heart today, I would admit that sadness blinds. My eyes have not consistently been open to what is available to me.

Sunshine. Friendship. Love. Life.

2 thoughts on “the heart speaks

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  2. Kat McNally says:

    It’s true. Our heart knows. x

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