Here and There

It’s day seven of 30 consecutive days of blogging. So far, so good. I am touched and inspired by the comments I have received and excited to discover great new bloggers out there sharing and writing.

Today has been a strange day. It began by walking into a downpour, Portland style. The boys and I were drenched before we made it to the car. The wind whipped my hair around and the rain slid sideways so that our pants got wet along with shoes and hoodies. While my oldest claimed to “love” this weather, my youngest made his displeasure known. He is extra sensitive to touch and feel, and doesn’t like “sticky hands” or being wet unless he is in the bath tub or swimming pool. A few hours later it cleared up and he was thrilled to spot the rainbow arching across the sky when we picked up his brother from school.

Rainbows make rainy days so much better.

In other weather-related news, nearly seven thousand miles away a raging storm is making its way to hit the central islands of the Philippines. The wind strength of Typhoon Haiyan makes it equivalent to a very strong Category 5 hurricane. This situation is more of interest to me than others given that my father is currently living and working in the Philippines. He’s sent word that he and his neighbors are riding it out, waiting for ever-stronger winds and putting in provisions of cheap imported wine. Thousands of people have been evacuated, but I imagine that many more remain in their homes. Tragedy by storm is inevitable. I wait for more information from my father and international news as I go about my regular day, knowing heartbreak awaits many people in a foreign land tonight.

May the families across the miles stay as safe as possible and know that they are loved.



11 thoughts on “Here and There

  1. Selena says:

    Sending thoughts of safety to those folks in the Philippines.

  2. Melissa says:

    I will pray for the people in the Philippines, especially your father. It is always crazy to me to think about how rain can be both wonderful, beautiful and necessary, but change the speed and intensity and other things like that and it becomes a great and deadly danger.

  3. shreejacob says:

    Sending good vibes to the Philippines and may your father be protected too.

    I love the rain though…and with strong winds (not hurricanes though!) as long as I’m safe at home!
    I remember once during the monsoons in India..a group of friends and I went out the hostel and danced in the rain 🙂

  4. May the very winds be on your side. I also love the rainy weather, it’s like the sky comes to life and is more playful than most are ready for!


  5. Marcy says:

    Glad to hear that your father is safe. That storm was horrifying.

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