It’s too early for Christmas music

My daily thoughts for NaBloPoMo ’13:

I mailed not one but TWO Christmas boxes today. On the FIFTH of NOVEMBER. Let’s say it again. I mailed two Christmas boxes on the fifth of November! It is not quite a Christmas miracle but close. I love our post office. One of the women who works there is a fellow mom to a first grader at my kid’s school. The other employees are friendly and efficient. Standing in line at the post office, I once met a man who at age 89 was mailing a package to his sister for her birthday. Another time I was assisted by a sixty-something father who had raised five grown boys. My ones were fussing and he set them straight.

Also, I confess to playing one short Christmas carol on the stereo today in the car. Just one. The rule is we wait until the day after Thanksgiving before enjoying the music of the holiday season, but I came across a CD I love and couldn’t help myself. Now I have to tuck it away to avoid temptation.

Speaking of Christmas miracles, I still want an inflatable snowman. All you haters of tacky holiday inflatables, I hear you. I do. I don’t want a Santa in a swimsuit drinking a Corona or a reindeer aiming a shotgun. I dislike inflatable animals and elves on Harleys. But a kind, smiling nine-foot-tall snowman would bring the neighborhood cheer. A good idea, no?

Thanksgiving week is around the corner. I write week because public schools are closed all week, thus extending the one-day holiday into nine actual days at home. The only things we have planned are a one-day day camp, a day full of turkey and Turkey Trots – the boys and I are all running at the Zoo this year – and a follow up 12K run across the river with a dear friend a few days later. I’m creaking around with a sore back and fatigue, but I’m getting outside and getting it done. Looking forward to a merry, magical, and healthier Christmas season!



5 thoughts on “It’s too early for Christmas music

  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! A whole week off for them – I wish I had that when I was a kid. There is some great Christmas music out there so I know what you mean about it being hard to resist. And I love going to the post office too – most of the time. I used to actually have a really good relationship with our mail carrier at my first apartment because we had teeny tiny mailboxes so she would call me down to come get my mail when it didn’t fit. I was sad when we moved because I always enjoyed our chats.

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:


    Target had a light-up pink flamingo last year with their Christmas decor (it was wearing a Santa hat). I need to find out if they have them this year, I missed out last time!

  3. shreejacob says:

    I think I have officially read the first Christmas blog for the year! I remember watching movies and how the carols were played, the snow came down and everyone wishes everyone a Merry Christmas…hope you get your inflatable snowman!

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