Body parts, scrapping books and shark photography

The conversations I had with the boys today were enlightening.

This afternoon I asked our oldest what he wanted to be when he grows up. Genuinely curious about his reply, I stayed quiet while he proceeded to describe a job where he can “study sharks and observe sharks and take photos of them and make them really big”. I mentioned becoming a scientist, but he shook his head. “No, I’m more into taking pictures and then making them into a book, like one of your scrapping books.” And then – this clinched my support for his future profession – “I’ll make lots of big shark books and sell them, for like, um, twenty dollars”.  We talked a little about writers and photographers create books, sell them to Barnes & Noble, and people read them and you make some money (It’s that easy, right?).

This conversation was quite different from the one I had on the way to preschool drop off with the three-year-old. His “homework” assignment this week was for parents to ask their child about a body part and record the conversation.

Me: What is your favorite body part?

M (big smile): My belly button, and my hair.

Me, pleased, about to respond:

M: Wait! And my penis! And my bottom!

Me: Wow, you have a lot of favorite body parts.

M: Yes. I do.

Me: So why are these your favorite body parts?

M gave no response. He changed the subject, in fact. In order to provide a bit more detail for his preschool class, I will dig a little deeper into our body part convo later. I think I’ll focus on hair. 🙂

The boys continue to entertain, distract, challenge and amuse us on a daily basis. Daylight savings time gave us a little bedtime respite last night and an early Monday morning to eat a leisurely breakfast. As usual, one kid ate eggs (he weighs less than 35 lbs and consumed a four-yes-four egg omelette plus several pieces of turkey sausage) while the other ate waffles + sausage + fruit. I got up today at 5:30 am (devil hour for me) to join seven other women to run beneath a drizzle, drink coffee and be home by 7:15. It felt good to do something after several weeks of inconsistent movement, lots of sleep and lots and lots of work – work on the house, juggling new schedules and general life business.

I am looking forward – really forward – to the holidays. It’s cold outside, and I’ve been chilly all day but feeling something like welcome to November. Blogging daily will force me to stretch some writing muscles, and forego trying to make anything I write perfect and polished. The month brings a holiday whose themes of gratitude and family are a nice tone to set for the season. Rather than waiting to begin again, or make vows of renewal and resolution at year’s end, I intend to live the rest of 2013 mindfully and somewhat patiently as my kids stomp on bubble wrap and argue over practically everything. I hope that you fellow parents, and really – aren’t we all parents at some point? Parents to children, parents to aging parents, parents to fur-bodied and snuggly babies, and more. I wish for each of you, and especially the members of my family, a time to be mindful and relaxed as we enter this holiday season.

Here is a photo of boy # 1 a few years ago. He couldn’t have been prouder of how he trimmed the tree. I see the love and joy in his smile. I want to see that same love and joy reflected in mine. I want to continue to learn about and get to know my children, find out what appeals to them and distracts them, makes them happy or nervous or excited or full of wonder. This parenting stuff – it’s not bad at all, not bad at all.

tree trimming miles


4 thoughts on “Body parts, scrapping books and shark photography

  1. carrie bird says:

    Oh my gosh! I want to high five the both of them! I’m adventuring to South Africa this spring to spend a week on a shark boat!

  2. gem says:

    I am excited for Christmas this year as my 3 year old will love it I bet. Last year he was indifferent. And it’s my littlest one’s first Christmas. We even bought a new fake tree…yeah..fake…boo hoo to us, but it is easy clean up and we live in a forested area so we can hugs trees or whatever, easily.op

    • skpadilla says:

      It’s so wonderful how the kids enjoy the holidays more and more as they get older. My oldest now definitely remembers traditions like getting the tree and putting out cookies for Santa… so fun!

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