Five Tips for Moms Working At Home

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Mothers working at home enjoy a few perks. It’s lovely to be able to stay close to the kids, and the comfort of home can certainly beat the stiffness and formality of an office in many cases. However, the responsibility of juggling a home job with the normal chores and obligations of maintaining the home and caring for kids can also be overwhelming – no news to mothers living this lifestyle!

But even if you’re a working mother who’s established your own routine, it can be nice to read up on tips and advice for how to simplify the experience – and alleviate stress – just a little bit. Every tiny effort helps, so here are five tips for how to relax a bit while working at home.

1. Begin a Yoga Practice
This sounds like a cliché, but it’s worth noting that starting a yoga routine is easier than ever. Previously, one had to either purchase demo videos or go to an instruction center to learn and practice yoga. But now a simple free app download can give you programs, demos, instructions, and even a schedule to maintain at home to keep your body and mind relaxed. For beginners, the free Yoga 101 is a great option.

2. Set Up A Kid Zone
When you’re still managing a baby, this is simple – a small play pen or crib will do the trick. But even if you have toddlers at home, setting up a “kid zone” can work wonders for you during the work day. Having a safe, fun area near your workspace where you can leave your child alone allows you to take real, actual breaks from work – instead of using “breaks” to check on the kids!

3. Please Your Senses
This probably sounds like a strange idea, but it can be an immensely helpful one. Often, busy people ignore their basic senses. However, focusing on things like body temperature whether you like your desk chair, and even whether a scented candle or open window might improve the atmosphere, can lead to huge improvements. Stop with the basic “Am I comfortable?” and look at individual factors to find ways to improve your situation.

4. Use Cloud Storage
One of the most hectic aspects for a mother working at home is having to drop work activity at a second’s notice to tend to the needs of a child. This can be very stressful if you worry about your computer crashing, or your documents not saving adequately, etc. Investing in Sharefile or a similar cloud storage provider can solve this problem entirely. With your files saved automatically to a cloud, you can feel more comfortable taking moments away from your desk.

5. Indulge
A simple treat or small pleasure – perhaps a Hershey Kiss or a steaming cup of tea – can have numerous benefits. It’s best not to get carried away, but a small daily treat, carefully timed for a stressful moment, can be just the boost you need!


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