Walking in the Rain

[more on kindergarten kissing at the end]

One of my friends has walked and/or run a minimum of two miles (and typically more like five) every single day for over 200 days. In the process she has inspired a significant number of women to get outside, get to the gym, and just plain get to it before the day is done. Knowing others are out there moving in a journey toward wellness encourages me to start over every day, and try and do just  a little bit better than the day before.

Some days I succeed. Often I do not.

It’s raining today after a long stretch of sun sprinkled days during which  my sugar snap peas, zucchini, and broccoli doubled and tripled in size. The carrots I started from seed didn’t make it, but the tomatoes, cucumbers and greens look happy. Experimental cantaloupe and unidentified herbs are also doing well.

One tiny strawberry is turning red and this afternoon I was super strict with my youngest about not picking it until it’s ripe. He looked at me like I was the Wicked Witch of the West, but he did his usual 180 crazy degree changeabout within moments and gave me a kiss with love in his eyes.

Last night we harvested the first romaine of the season for a salad. My kids rejected the poppy seed dressing, but there’s still something about eating something that grew out of the ground, or fell from a tree, that the boys and I like. Although I’m not a vegetarian anymore, I cannot see a better way to start the day than with a cup of strong, black coffee and a healthy serving of fresh spinach in an omelette. And yet, too often lately I’ve opted for less healthy fare. I’ve been craving salt like crazy and eating baked cheesy puffs and popping corn which I overly salt. I skipped yoga last night. I’ve drank too much wine. I’ve had strange dreams.

As a result, I’ve felt tired this week. I meant to run today, but the rain felt heavier than usual.

This past Sunday’s 10K seems like it happened long ago. Why can’t every day be like Sunday run day?

After school I tried to ask probing questions to get my son to describe his day. Today I asked if there were “any problems” during the school day. Quickly he told me that Allison* kissed Maribel* in the girls’ bathroom and that the substitute teacher had told the entire class that “no kissing is allowed”.

Here’s a snippet from our dialog [*names have been changed to protect the innocent]:

M: Allison kissed Maribel in the bathroom. Then Maribel told the substitute and Mrs. H. told us there is no kissing allowed.

[he continues].

M: You know, usually kissing is a girl on boy thing, but sometimes it can be girl on girl. 

[me: just listening, nodding].

M: But Teacher Penny doesn’t mind kissing, but the substitute says it’s not allowed at school.

Me: Was Maribel upset about the kiss by Allison?

M: No! She just came back in and told the substitute.

Me: Ok, well, do you remember the rules on kissing? Ask Permission Before You Kiss Someone and They Have To Ask Permission Before They Kiss You? 

M: Yeah, I remember. Can I have a snack?

Before picking up the boys today, I made a last ditch effort to purchase a new dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding. I’m pretty happy with what I came home with. Having headed immediately toward the little black cocktail dress section, however, my cell phone rang. It was my husband.

Don’t buy another black dress, he implored. Nothing black.


So instead I tried on a half dozen colorful dresses in daisy patterns and flowery oranges and reds and blues and yellows. I found one that was perfect, but of course it didn’t come in my size (curse you, extra 10 lbs, curse you – they are coming off as I train for three half marathons this summer). Finally, I went with a faux wrap dress in — yes — black, but it also has lots of white and a bow. Step in the right direction, yes?

This post is full of silliness and truth and thinking, and as my son said the other night, …sometimes the thinking in my head just surprises me and I have so much to tell you! There’s just so much thinking in my head tonight.

Wishing you a bit of color and light, readers, as you walk or run through the rain this week.

If it’s not raining where you live, gaze up and drink in the deepness of the sky.

skp fall 2009


7 thoughts on “Walking in the Rain

  1. Susan Housholder says:

    Loved it, Sara ! You surely do have a way with words !!

  2. Keep on walking. Whether it’s 1 mile a day or 5 miles- we need to walk 6 miles a week for mental and physical health!

  3. paralaxvu says:

    Myself, I like to gaze down and drink in the deepness of your words!

  4. Kate Swanson says:

    Your posts are always so full of insight and warmth, and your honesty is refreshing. Enjoy the rain. It’s good to have a day to slack off now and then.

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