Just Between Us

My son had a difficult doctor appointment this morning, but handled himself mostly with grace,  a little bit of humor, and a few tears. Before we left, the doctor tipped an enormous canister of liquid nitrogen onto the floor where it smoked and disappeared before our eyes.

Science is so awesome, the doctor said. Miles agreed.

We rode the tram and then tucked into the hospital café for a snack before heading back to school. I agreed to the purchase of a double lemon muffin.

Double lemon! he smiled. I’ve never had double lemon before!

On the way to school, he asked me not to mention the muffin to his brother.

Let’s just keep it between you and me, the angels and Santa.

I agreed to be discreet about the treat, thinking about what such a gathering might look like.

Candy canes, jingle bells and great, golden wings.

Whispers of love, promises of cheer, drained cups of chocolate and a big jolly laugh.

Frost on the windowsills, angels’ breath.

Santa, the angels, my eldest son and me.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


4 thoughts on “Just Between Us

  1. janet kerley your parent's friend says:

    Lovely lovely imagery.

  2. Such a cute blog you have here, well written, imaginative and truthful!

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