Recipe for a Mixed Up Day



Thoughts of Boston

Late opening for kid in school

Painters at our house all week

Missed opportunity for yoga (see late opening)

Stupid stupid stupid political decision to abandon attempts for gun control

School meeting = missed work meeting

The power of Word Girl on public television

Kindergarten kissing conversation (see details below)

One glass red wine


Combine all ingredients in one human body. Let settle. Feel. Acknowledge the process by which we humans learn, unlearn, do, and undo.

Do this over and over again.

Nutritional information:

My body is more tired than usual, but more motivated than usual. Short home practice. Running scheduled tomorrow 6:30 am.

Outcome upon digestion of ingredients listed above:

We (I) will not be cowed by those who lack courage and end lives for the purpose of nothing other than causing pain, provoking anger, and engendering fear.

We (I) will be strong.

I must take a new path tomorrow. Literally.

Be strong, faithful readers and readers of faith.

word girl

(Names have been changed to protect privacy of my son’s classmates).

Kindergartener: You know what, Mom? ALL of the girls in my class are IN LOVE with all of the boys!

Me: Really? Love?

K: Yes! You know how I know? Because I saw Sally kissing Marcos in the corner of the room! She kissed him on the NOSE!

Me: Oh my. Did everyone see?

K: I don’t know!

Me: Was there more kissing from all the girls in love?

K: I didn’t see any! But I asked Sally and she said she LOVES me!

Me: She did? How did that make you feel?

K: I don’t know! It cracked me up!

Me: Ok. What if Sally wants to kiss you?

K: I don’t know if I’ll say yes or no.

Me: Well, here are a few things to always, always remember. If anyone wants to kiss you, they have to ASK PERMISSION. And if you want to kiss anyone, you have to ASK PERMISSION. And if you’re kissing someone, then he or she should be someone that you trust and respect.

K: Got it. Trust, respect, ask permission.

Me: Because kissing is a big decision.

K: Yes! It’s like a real TRICKY decision, Mom. I just have no idea if I’ll say yes or no.

Me: Also, it’s ok to just start out with something like a high five. Or holding hands. 

Me: Just remember to –

K: Yes, I KNOW. The RULES about kissing. 

Me: Ok. I trust you. Love you, Miles.

K: Love you, too, Mom.


5 thoughts on “Recipe for a Mixed Up Day

  1. Lauren says:

    She kissed him on the NOSE?! Shocking.
    Love the outcome.

  2. Thomas Marlowe says:

    Brilliant piece – loved the recipe format.

  3. evafannon says:

    This conversation hasn’t come up in our house yet, but I took some notes here 🙂

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