The Weekend News

There is a trampoline in my living room. A gift for my three-year-old, this piece of equipment immediately became an integral piece of furniture.

As I look around the room, my gaze lands on a Spider-Man skateboard, approximately one thousand red and yellow checkers belonging to the game Connect Four sitting on the coffee table, and a stack of library books on topics ranging from sharks to spiders to hiking to a curious monkey abducted from Africa by a German in 1941.

An orange child-sized soccer ball sits in a corner, having been well used today. A large empty box that originally held easy peel tangerines from California is now decorated  in red and black marker, a mural of soldiers in battle beneath a dark sky complete with lightening bolts and ominous looking clouds.

What else? The dinner has been cleared from the table in a small dining area nearby. Our large black Labrador is sleeping on an old green bed beneath an Ethiopian cross carved of wood given to me by my father and an Irish poem gifted to my husband and me as a wedding present. The youngest child is watching the Cat in the Hat on the sofa while the eldest has left on an adventure to procure strawberry milkshakes with his father.

We have cheered through one soccer match and two remain to go. We have skipped swimming lessons. Our boys both had moments when they literally couldn’t breathe they were laughing so hard, and others when the tears flowed. We set up the two-person REI tent that I purchased at age 22 in the backyard (this so far has been my most brilliant move in April). We have filled one 15 cubic feet dumpster with yard waste from the Jack and the Bean stalk-like laurel wood trees at the edge of our property.

For the six years we have lived here, it has been A. vs the Laurelwoods. Finally, he is ahead.

It is the Weekend, Day One. It has been alternately eventful, entertaining, awful, relaxing, fun, boring, and such, a blend of personalities and decisions and emotions and challenges that make a family.

I am looking forward to Day Two.

What did you do today, Readers? What will you do tomorrow?

soccer NOPO

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