Four more weeks!

Tonight Miles said sweetly, “Mama, I’m sure glad President Obama gets four more weeks!”


Well, he’s getting it, sort of. I’m sure glad, too, sweetie. Four weeks plus three years plus 48 more weeks. YAY! (understatement of the year)

It got me thinking, though, what if I had to design and accomplish literally mountains of work and play in just four weeks? Two weeks from yesterday will be Thanksgiving, for goodness sake. How did that happen?

Two weeks after a pumpkin-pie and cranberry-scented holiday, we will be deep into the season. Me encanta la temporada navideña. The sun sets too early, but twinkling lights guide one’s way home.

***I interrupt this post to tell you that my eldest just announced he is breaking apart his Lego gun because he wants me to be happy and that he prefers to wait until he grows up and becomes a soldier or a police officer and gets a real gun in order to protect the people. He has decided to stop building Lego guns. I genuinely applauded his decision.***

Now back to four more weeks.

In four weeks, I can:

  • Write 1,000 words a day in a novel-writing experiment.
  • Purchase, wrap and deliver holiday gifts to niece and nephews well in advance of 25 December.
  • Clean out the freezer.
  • Go for a dozen or more runs.
  • Get three pairs of too long pants hemmed, finally, by someone other than me.
  • Examine the 2012 bucket list, and sort out what I’ve accomplished, what’s coming up, and what’s just not gonna happen this year.
  • Lose seven pounds.
  • Decide how to spend the 16-day public school winter break with two kids under age six in the rain.
  • Visit the Grotto by myself to talk to myself, my sister and her angel friends.

This list sounds pretty good to me tonight. It’s been quite a week! I get to break out the Christmas music on November 23rd, but here’s a teaser of a song I love. I know it’s premature, but I also can’t resist sharing this version of my very favorite Christmas carol by Jennifer Hudson. I listen quietly to these timeless lyrics that affect me, an agnostic, deeply as I consider moving emotionally and physically into the season that represents giving, sharing, and celebration.

There’s been tough times this year for our family. Earlier my eldest (the self-declared non-Lego-builder-of-guns-until-he-gets-a-real-one) mentioned that the reason he likes Christmas is “because he gets lots of toys”.

His words are true (thank you to my most amazing parents and parents-in-law and family and friends – we do enjoy a beautiful and generous Christmas morning). Of course, I immediately launched into a Christmas-is-for-giving-and-sharing-and-love and he heard it coming, agreeing with me, yeah, Mom, ok, and so on.

I have much to be thankful for this year. And I’m going to figure out a way in the next four weeks to share that gratitude with the people I love best.

One thought on “Four more weeks!

  1. Interesting twists and turns in your post. Bravo for no more guns. Yeah for an ambitious four week plan for you… Wish I could plot the next 4 as well.

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