Inspired by a coffee date

Can I get all totally selfish on you for a few minutes?

I want.

I want.

I want.

It’s an ugly way to begin a sentence, isn’t it? I much prefer to hear a sweet voice suggest, “Mama, may I x, y, z?”

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling neutral, subtly moved into feeling pretty good and then felt actually 98% good, and the longer I stayed awake the better day got. Yet I confess to a whole lotta “I want” sortof thinking yesterday.

Because I do want so much.

And I have so much. For which I am grateful. Truly. But.

I want to have job security in an overwhelmingly threatened economy. While our political leaders debate and deplore one another’s value systems/thinking/backgrounds/    experiences/lies/truths, the thing is that we really are at the heart of the thing that we call life, we, the people, yeah, me and you, we’re part of we, the people who are trying to ensure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty, and all that. Our national leadership is critically important, but it is we, the people, that can make things a little bit better each and every day.

I am trying so hard to achieve those things, those very things that are in our very own Constitution of the United States. I am trying to realize them in my home, my community and beyond. So far it’s working out fairly well.

But I have a big want.

I want a challenging, interesting, well-paying part-time job in public health and prevention that allows me freedom and time to research, write, teach, explore and collaborate with like-minded colleagues (and I want to bring along some former wonderful colleagues to my new job, too!). The part-time part may sound outlandish, but after many years of full-time plus and the juggle of daycare/preschool/etc, I know I need to be home with my family more. And so in order to make this possible I want plenty of funding to fall down from the sky for millions of hard-working, kind, dedicated, brilliant people who lead organizations that serve the people, we, the people (see above). I may not be brilliant, but I am kind and dedicated so some of that funding can surely make its way to me.

I want the moon, the stars and the sunshine (and thank you, beautiful state of Oregon but giving us such spectacular light and blue skies this season). Not just for me. For my family. For my children. For my neighbors, friends, and community.

Because we, the people means everybody and everybody includes men, women and children from all walks of life, and those who aren’t walking, too, like me somedays when I feel like I’m crawling, and like me on other days when I’m full-on sprint. Everybody.

What else do I want?

I want to click on the or open my local paper and read some good news for a change.

And I want a bigger house so that I can accept the amazing gift of a piano from dear friends.

But you know what? Yesterday I had coffee with an energetic and inspiring woman who has seen and done and thought more than I have, and she gave me reason to keep on doing, and being, and yes, wanting. What I want is not that unique, but I humbly suggest that the things I want are important, and they include those things that we, the people aspire to in our homes and in our communities.

Tranquility (of mind, home, and heart).

Wellness(emotional, physical, financial).

Liberty (for all).

It’s not like I thought of them first.

(I also want a all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii and a massage and new shoes and a dishwasher, but those things were regretfully not prioritized in our forefathers’ plan).

I could swear the barista added a shot of confidence and a splash of joy to my coffee yesterday.

I’ve come to the conclusion that’s perfectly fine to want, but one has to do something about the want to make it happen. When my son tells me he wants a new movie or a toy or a scooter, that’s ok. I will not scold for wanting. But I’ll ask him (and myself), how can we make that happen?

What must be done to make it real? and possible? and true?

I am so excited about this wanting turning into opportunity. It’s a gift, this wanting. This desire to contribute as part of we, the people.

I’m ready to watch the debate tonight!

One thought on “Inspired by a coffee date

  1. sandra tyler says:

    I’m with you. Be really nice to click on the TImes and read some good news. I start every morning with the NY TImes on my kindle with my coffee, and well, it makes me want to pull the blankets back over my head.

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