Multi-colored pumpkintime

These are my 10 favorite things about this Fall season.

1. Pumpkins! Orange, white, purple, striped. I like them painted, carved and left alone in their golden glory. I like how pumpkin and squash roll and tumble and pose in the fields and I like how they glow, calmly candlelit on doorsteps and porches. If I was a farmer, I’d plan a harvest festival that celebrated this amazing fruit that performs like a vegetable.

2. Leaf-peeping. Rainbows of color along rivers and deeply tinted leaves floating gently toward land remind me of a book I read as a child called The Fall of Freddie the Leaf. I’m looking forward to a drive along the spectacular Columbia River Scenic Highway very soon.

3. Tiny adorable people in costume. Last year I forgot costume day at my son’s preschool and at the extremely last minute put together a very lame robot costume. This year I’m ready (don’t expect anything creative, though, my kids are superheroes all the way).

4. Candy corn and strong black coffee for breakfast. I don’t typically eat candy since as I prefer to consume my sugar in fruit, raw or fermented, and the occasional pan dulce, a sweet bread found at local panaderias or Mexican bakeries that I discovered years ago as an exchange student. But there is something about a handful of striped-sugar-and-corn-syrup-nothing-good-for-you-in-it-treat that tastes good just before Halloween.

5. Recognizing sweaters long since put aside. Sweaters are a cozy luxury. Itchy sweaters are the worst.

6. Opening the door to cooler mornings and noticing a subtle change in the clouds. It’s not raining yet. Rain, rain, stay away, stay away another day. Thank you.

7. Menu planning for Thanksgiving. The anticipation of sharing this special day with dear friends makes me so happy.

8. Turkey Trots and trail running (see leaf peeping above). I love how festive runners get at these events. You won’t catch me wearing a turkey hat, feathers or a pilgrim hat in running shoes, but I find it amusing that other people embrace the holiday (and the run) in such a spirited manner.

9. A respite from sunscreen.

10. The right to melancholy. Many poets note Autumn brings a sadness as Summer ends. Leaves fall and flowers wither. The tilt of the Earth makes the days shorter during the fall and winter seasons. Less light brings challenges to many light-sensitive people, myself among them. I embrace the season of transition fully and the opportunity to experience an unfeigned sadness on the occasional dark day.

This post was prompted by Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop.

Mama’s Losin’ It

One thought on “Multi-colored pumpkintime

  1. says:

    A sweet article, Sarah. But the picture was best. Love, dad

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