We look at life from both sides now

By mid-day the Nyquil fog had lifted. Finally. I can’t tolerate the medicine anymore. Every morning this week I felt like I’d fallen asleep in a bathtub of gin.

Today is day six of Me vs a Sinus Infection. When I woke, I could breathe! This immediately put me in a good mood. Unfortunately, rousing the boys was my first mistake. But they had to get to school, so wake them I did.

Disclaimer: Now that I’m working less and staying at home with the boys more, these posts may get awfully boring. For some of you, however, they may become a bit more compelling as I transition to a different way of being, living, and loving this season. Stay tuned.

As some of my readers may know, the little guy is just killing me. Tearful in his crib, he wanted his father to pick him up, and sadly we went to the window to see that Dada had already left for work. Breakfast is a challenge and “Max no like that” is a common refrain. He immediately offered his buttered English muffin to our dog who snapped it up, wagging his tail. He ate some applesauce and a few frozen blueberries. He cried when he accidentally knocked over his water glass. He cried when some applesauce got on his shirt. He cried when I told him it was time to change his diaper. He cried and he yelled and he ran away when I tried to get him to wear a jacket on this chilly fall morning. Sigh.

We piled in the car while the eldest chattered happily about a time when his brother Max will be five years old (like him) and we can all go to Disneyland. Arriving at daycare, Max did the quickest 180 I’ve ever seen. His buddy C. was there waiting for him. Both boys broke out in huge smiles and began to chase eachother around the room. He kissed and hugged his brother and me and said “Mama go bye bye now. Miles go bye bye now”.


On to kindergarten.

Yesterday I volunteered in Miles’ classroom for two hours. He was thrilled. When I left, however, he cried and cried. He thought I was a teacher now. Oh dear. This morning we approached his classroom and the tears began. Oh no. I hugged him tight. Told him all the love in my heart was in his heart, all day, just like I used to when I dropped him at the Maple Room.

He misses his old school. He misses his old friends. He doesn’t want to go to kindergarten anymore. Well, except P.E. He likes that.

Bravely he watched me walk away. My heart broke a little, and I’m wondering what he’s doing right now. I guess I’ll keep wondering till pick up time. He has a soccer game tonight and I know he’ll rally with his soccer pals. But as for kindergarten, can someone please tell me when he’ll make friends and like school again?

P.S. After writing this post I received a call from a dear friend. She reminded me that it is hard work to make new friends. We’ve known eachother for over twenty years, and I wouldn’t replace her friendship with a new friendship for all the world. So I think I’d better proceed gently with my new kindergartener as he navigates his new and strange world. If you’re reading, amiga, then thank you thank you thank you. You are a forever friend!


3 thoughts on “We look at life from both sides now

  1. sandra tyler says:

    Your posts won’t be boring. I grab onto those small moments as nuggets and you’d be surprised how much you can pull out of them (I have two boys too).

  2. Loved your post! My boys are older than yours, and I miss those days when they were young.I laughed when he thought you were now the teacher! You sound like a great Mom and the friends will come! (found your blog on Write on Edge)

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