Max no like that, Mommy!

Hello, readers. I am having a wonderful day. I went running. It’s day three of kindergarten. I’m planning to serve hot baked potatos and cheesy vegetables tonight. I am optimistic this meal will be eaten by two active boys.

But just in case it is not, could someone please send me a 30-day dinner plan?

Please keep in my mind that one child is a vegetarian who loves hot dogs. The other eats steak, sausage, and chicken.

One child enjoys spicy food. He will eat a spoonful of salsa with gusto.

The other child cringes at a speck of pepper. The blander, the better.

Note that grown-ups weary of pasta with butter, pasta with cheese, and pasta with sauce of all types, but both boys agree to this favoritest cuisine (especially Nana’s spaghetti).

Cereal and frozen waffles are welcome on the 30-day plan, but please limit to once per week.

Also please note that one child loves cream cheese and the other thinks it’s disgusting.

Often they like peanut butter but sometimes the five year old tells me that his “taste buds transform”. So good luck with that.

Cucumbers sliced thin from the garden dressed lightly with balsamic vinegar are an absolute win with the eldest child. The other cries “Max no like that!” but he will take two teensy bites if he knows he can then have yogurt.

One child ate an entire pint of cherry tomatoes for dinner not too long ago. Then I planted a million cherries in the garden and halfway through the season he decided that he ate too many (true) and needs to take a break.

Both children enjoy skim milk, “bubble agua”, and apple juice in varying quantities.

The youngest does not like “breakfast”, “lunch” or “dinner”. He just likes “snackies”.

The oldest is really happy about taking his own lunch to school in a red lunchbox every day. Yesterday he came home and said excitedly, “Mom, you know WHAT? If kids don’t bring their LUNCHBOX, they can buy the SCHOOL LUNCH!” This was a revelation. He told me he prefers his lunch box, though, and then proceeded to tell me all about his classmates’ lunchboxes… Spiderman lunchbox, Superman lunchbox, Ironman lunchbox, the Incredibles lunchbox, planetarium lunchbox, dinosaur lunchbox, stars lunchbox. Poor kid, I made him get a plain red lunch box, but the novelty of taking his own lunch to school is so fantastic that he hasn’t made a complaint.

Please include only meals that are nutritious, delicious, organic and balanced. They should be based on locally sourced food grown by farmers who are treated humanely and paid a living wage (I’m serious here).

Meals should be simple and fast to prepare with ingredients commonly found around the house. So fast, in fact, that one could whirl around a la Wonder Woman and voila! An amazing and healthy meal would present itself on the table. A fresh and colorful display would lure my children from their Legos and baseballs and old school Scooby Doo videos and they would be speechless with delight.

Perhaps you could pick up a wand at Ollivander’s. It should cast spells for making kid-friendly meals in a flash.

Make sure the plan makes good use of the jalapenos growing like mad in my garden that neither child can tolerate. I would appreciate a smattering of sea salt on mostly everything. Oh, and I forgot to mention: one child loves eggs. The other thinks eggs are gross.

And one kid actually eats sushi (which is a bummer for us because we really like sushi, and it’s expensive, so I do not think my kids need to eat sushi. Right?).

Final thoughts: do not supersize meals. Do make them creative, healthy and delicious. Did I already mention that?

Back to the meal plan. Add wine. No, not for the kids, silly.

Thank you!

I look forward to receiving the plan forthwith.


15 thoughts on “Max no like that, Mommy!

  1. kepadilla says:


  2. Lauren says:

    Love it! This whole feeding-little-people thing does get more complicated with two, huh?

  3. Courtney M. says:

    I swear they get together and plan which will like and which will hate each food, just to make us absolutely crazy.

  4. Maman Aya says:

    Please share the results when you find them Eva! It’s amazing how much more difficult meal planning becomes once the younger one starts to join the meals, with their own opinions. Good luck (in going for penne and turkey meatballs tonight). 🙂

  5. Jeni says:

    Ugh. It’s just impossible to please these people sometimes, isn’t it? I feel like handing my kids a stack of restaurant gift cards and saying “Have at it, fuss-pots!” 🙂

    Good luck with your meal-planning!

  6. Goo luck!! I have a spicy and nonspicy eater too – One kid lives on pepperoni – and the other one says it “Spices up his neck.”

  7. Meghan says:

    Please please please share. I have similar issues, with one kid only wanting fruit and pb and j and the other preferring to exist on fish (the blander the better) and oatmeal.

    • skpadilla says:

      Someone suggested that siblings conspire to like/dislike different foods just to drive us crazy. Yep. But after five years of trying, my oldest ate grilled steak tonight! When I get the plan, I’ll share! Gracias por leer!

  8. […] to the window to see that Dada had already left for work. Breakfast is a challenge and “Max no like that” is a common refrain. He immediately offered his buttered English muffin to our dog who […]

  9. […] we went to the window to see that Dada had already left for work. Breakfast is a challenge and “Max no like that” is a common refrain. He immediately offered his buttered English muffin to our dog who snapped […]

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