Bad times hit the good life

Sometimes one’s best intentions turn out to be irrational and unsuccessful.

And that’s why one might keep a box of red wine in the basement.

Go ahead, open it.

I recommend a Bota Box for camping and Children’s Birthday Parties in the Park.  Tonight, however, I’m drinking boxed wine to commemorate an anti-celebration of my last week at work.

Lay off = ugh.

Yeah, lay off. AGAIN. I really wish the overly educated, middle-class driven, one percent controlled economy could get its act together already.

Since moving out west, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of a lay off twice. Each time, it was made completely clear that it was due to limited resources and in no way a reflection of my work, but it still hurts. The first time I was among over 200 City employees who were laid off. Critical employees including police and fire officers were about to be let go, so I understood how dire things were for that particular institution.  This time, however, my layoff is more the result of missed opportunities and transitional leadership.

It’s a major bummer. Until yesterday, I worked with talented people who shared a common vision of strengthening community food systems. Regretfully, there wasn’t a way to bridge the gap between grants to allow me to continue full-time.

This comes at a time when I find myself at a crossroads.

Over the past year I’ve plunged into freelance writing – creative and nonfiction. I recently landed a contract as a short term grant reviewer.  I’m pretty confident I can cobble together some meaningful work as a consultant over the next several months.

But consulting isn’t a job in the sense that a job-job is.

Diving into an unfamilar and rapidly moving river is scary.

Am I ready?

When I mentioned the lay off to a friend, she said, starry-eyed, “oh now you can be a stay-at-home mom!”

Hmmm. True. I could. And staying home with my boys would be incredibly rewarding and challenging in its own right. But that should be my choice and not a consequence of an undesired layoff.

I’ve worked since my eldest was three months old. I admire stay-at-home moms and have no idea how they keep sane when their kids are five and younger, and they don’t have a quiet office to which they can escape a few or more days a week.

So tonight I tip my glass of boxed wine into the fading light and toast to my professional future…whatever it may include.


P.S. I typically enjoy wine that is high quality and value-minded… desciptors like black current, vanilla, plum, blackberry and coffee come to mind. But on a 93 degree day in Portland, it’s dry white whatever all the way.


9 thoughts on “Bad times hit the good life

  1. paralaxvu says:

    I’m so sorry for your unfortunate layoff! I’m not going to say anything else, because I hate unnecessary words. Enjoy the wine, my dear.

  2. extechie says:

    That truly sucks, Sara. Reminds me of a song off a record one of my mother’s favorite folk singers, Holly Near, released in the mid-80’s. The refrain was, “I’ve been laid off, Trouble, got trouble. I’ve been laid off, Trouble tonight.”

    Of course, as I sang along at the tender age of 9 or ten, I had no idea of the pain behind those lyrics. Now, a seasoned 41.5, I GET it.

    • skpadilla says:

      It’s lovely to remember who innocent children are – unstruck, hopefully, by tragedy of all sorts. Not that being laid off is truly tragic. Today I learned that my entire organization will be closing its doors. I must say I enjoyed my first official day of unemployment!

  3. evafannon says:

    SO sorry about this Sara 😦 Let me know if you need anything!

  4. Sara, I am so sorry to read this news, but I admit to the occassional need for bota box in hard times. I’d love to have coffee or lunch when you are able.

  5. […] to happen next. If you’ve been reading this blog awhile, then you know that I was recently laid off. What you may not know is that my employer announced that it is closing its doors entirely within […]

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