Six month update on my 2012 bucket list

Can you believe 2012 is half over?
On January 1, I created a bucket list for the year. Here’s an update on how it’s going.
  • See a sunrise from somewhere other than my car. DONE. This morning, in fact, I gazed across the sound as the sun rose in the Olympic Peninsula. It was 5:19 am and I was wide awake.
  • Teach our eldest son to ride a two-wheeler. Not yet. He did, however, acquire a skateboard for his 5th birthday.
  • Acquire first passports for boys. Not yet. But I did register one for kindergarten!
  • Use them. See above.
  • Run one half marathon that I’ve never run before. Not yet. But I’m registered for the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon which will take place on September 2nd.
  • Watch Casablanca (again) at least once with husband. This is an easy one, and yet no viewing has taken place in 2012.
  • Reach out to bloggers outside of the United States. In progress. Check out the World Moms Blog!
  • If the right moment and image presents itself, get another tattoo. Not yet. Ooooh, I want to do this badly, but haven’t landed on the image yet.
  • Take something hot & homemade to a new mom. Does sending my sister a gift certificate to Trader Joe’s count? If so, then DONE. If not, then I’ll be ready to bring something delicious and nutritious to my good friend who lives down the street and is due in early October (are you reading, amiga?).
  • Learn a Spanish lullaby. DONE. I started out by cheating to re-learn an old favorite that I learned as a young girl. Cielito Lindo. I also learned a new one called Duérmete niño. The lyrics are similar to those of “Rock a bye baby” and if you really listen, they are somewhat threatening.
  • Sing it to my children. DONE. But big M still prefers “Mockingbird” and “You are my sunshine” (which always makes me cry, even when they sing it at Timbers games in the 80th minute).
  • Photograph a rainbow. Not yet.
  • Secure a literary agent. I’m trying, ok!?
  • Make paella. Or sancocho. Share with friends. Not yet.
  • Run more. Run often. January was a wash due to busted ankle. February, however, brought in a lot of energy and commitment, despite the rains. March brought no motivation. April – June… more or less consistent, but another ankle turn. But more running is in progress and on the calendar… note half marathon registration above.
  • Rid the house of all bottles and pacifiers. DONE DONE DONE with bottles! Still working on NO PACIS.
  • When the skies finally clear, stargaze. Ahhh, cielito lindo, cuanto te quiero. The biggest, brightest moon I’ve ever witnessed until this past 4th of July was on several nights spent working on a macadamia/coffee ranch in southern Mexico.  A few months ago I took Miles to the planetarium for a pleasant afternoon experience of stargazing. But that doesn’t compare to watching a full moon light up the sky against the backdrop of fireworks crackling and searing and popping…. or was the moon the backdrop for the bombs bursting in air? It was hard to tell. But it was spectacular.
  • Vote for the incumbent! Not yet. Can’t wait. FINGERS CROSSED.
  • Renew my passport. Not yet. Why can’t I just do this?
  • Visit Canada for the first time. Nope.
  • Cook something that my grandmother Irene used to cook (source: a special cookbook gifted to me by my Aunt Marie). Not yet, she writes regretfully. One of my favorite aunts just moved from Michigan to Tennesee. I need to prepare a dish in honor of her courage, tenacity, and love of family!
  • Be more tolerant. In progress.
  • Attend a meeting of the Oregon Beekeepers Association. I keep missing this opportunity.
  • Take boys to the top of the Space Needle. DONE. I might add we paid a total of $50 for a family of four to ride the groovy elevator and walk around the observation deck. Despite its spectacular views, the ten minutes we spent checking out the city from above weren’t worth $50.
  • Do the Shred every day for thirty days. Ummm, FAIL. I might try again at some point in the year.
  • Soak in hot springs in the middle of the woods. Not yet. But a dear friend’s hot tub at the edge of rural and beautiful Marrowstone Island surely counts.
  • Complete my book proposal. In progress.
  • Camp in Mt Hood National Forest. Not yet.
  • Go to Yosemite National Park before a close friend living there leaves. SAD FAIL. Friend employed at the park relocated to Washington, DC. HAPPY FOR HER. Our change in plans includes camping in Tumalo State Park and at Wallowa Lake later in the summer. Wallowa is surrounded by 9,000′ tall snow-capped mountains and a large, clear lake, while Tumalo rests along Oregon’s spectacular Deschutes River. I can’t wait to pack up the car with everything but the kitchen sink and sleep in our gigantic family tent with all my guys.
  • Meet my nephew expected to join the world in early May! DONE. Lighting Bolt is an amazing little guy and already a cherished member of our family.
  • Attend a meeting of the Compassionate Friends. Reach out to other bereaved siblings. Not yet. Scared.
  • Complete an open water swim of a challenging distance. SOON. My father and I are registered to swim the 70th Annual Roy Webster Cross-Channel Swim on September 3rd in Hood River.
  • Go on one meditation retreat, even if it takes place in my basement. Yoga/meditation retreat in the planning stage!
  • Write a letter to the editor. I have not yet felt so compelled.
  • Plan and execute an excellent five-year-old birthday party. DONE. You can read all about it HERE.
  • Drag out the crock pot. Use it! Not yet. Still dusty. Sorry, Mom.
  • Forgive someone. WORKING ON IT. TOUGH.

5 thoughts on “Six month update on my 2012 bucket list

  1. COME VISIT CANADA!! Where would you be going? At least a lot of your list is soon and not incomplete. 🙂

    • skpadilla says:

      We live about five or six hours to the border, and Vancouver is on my list! But we’ll be in Detroit next month, and could cross there, too…

  2. paralaxvu says:

    What impresses me most is that you are trying! Remember, the trip is sometimes more important than the destination. I am in awe of your list and those things already completed. Most difficult one as far as I’m concerned? Birthday party for a 5-year-old!

  3. beckybreitmaier says:

    Wow…you are doing the open water swim the day after the half marathon!!! You rock!

  4. […] the 2012 bucket list, and sort out what I’ve accomplished, what’s coming up, and what’s just not gonna […]

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