Dusty books

Sometimes I read someone’s story, and I think, whoa, she (or he) is seriously effed up.

And I cannot relate.

I thank the stars in the sky that I was born into a playful and gentle childhood, a shaky but stable adolescence, and an incredibly strong get-you-on-your-feet kind of young adulthood.

Other times I read someone’s story and I think,


This is why you are sad or frustrated or let down or angry?

And I cannot relate.

But more often than not I find myself drawn into someone’s story and I long to reach out and say,

“Oh yes, oh my god, me, too, yeah, that’s right, you rock, my friend.

Can we get together for a coffee?

Or something stronger?”

I’ve just celebrated my one-year anniversary in the blogosphere.

Writing is revealing, thinking, therapeutic, and hopeful.

Taking thoughts and making them into words is magic.

I’ve had a good time writing this blog during the past 12 months. My first post opened up a world of unexpected authenticity and an intoxicating community of others who transform thoughts into words.

Part of me is wondering if I should continue, and part of me can’t imagine giving it up.

I’ve prepared a non-fiction book proposal that has been in draft stage for nearly two years. Neglected, it lingers, full of promise, yet dusty.

Perhaps if I take a break from blogging, I can put my energy elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Dusty books

  1. paralaxvu says:

    Happy anniversary–and please don’t leave the blogging world altogether! I look forward to your posts, not because I know your mom but because you are an interesting writer–you’ve taken many words and turned them into the magic of which you speak. Definitely, work on your book, and perhaps come and tell us how it’s going, drop in just to say hello, leave the blogging for once a week or something, but don’t leave us without you at all!

  2. Starsmom12 says:

    “Writing is revealing, thinking, therapeutic, and hopeful.”
    Love that.

    Well, what if you return when you want to share something about the book, like if you’re particularly moved to.

    Blogging is writing too I think, you’re just on a different project right now.

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