You are my sunshine

Two nights ago I nearly tossed my youngest into his crib!

Now don’t go calling Child Protective Services yet. I didn’t really toss him (though he’s a string bean and light enough so I could if I wanted to). I gently held him, rocked him a bit, and placed him in bed — against his wishes.

He was mad.

It was past bedtime by about 30 minutes. I was tired. He was tired. I felt bad that he wasn’t ready – emotionally – for sleep. But physically we were both spent.

I told him night night and I love you.

I closed the doors, expecting screams.

There was a brief cry.

In 15 seconds, all I heard was silence.

Amazing. He really HAD wanted to go to bed. But for a half hour he sang out a high-pitched mantra of “no bed! no night night! NO NIGHT NIGHT!”

and I remembered, I AM the Parent. I KNOW when it’s time to tuck the tiny people into la-la land. They do NOT know, or at least they will not EVER acknowledge  when they are overtired and donewiththeday.

While not a sleepy love story of a bedtime with books and hugs and snuggles, it was still in its own way sweet. Moving on to the big brother was a piece of cake. Teeth brushed, pjs on, potty used, he requested and received a “snuggle party” — a two-minute snuggle in his bed and a song. Generally I sing “Mockingbird”, but sometimes, “You Are My Sunshine”.

Tonight I sang both.

Eyes closed, he was pretty much out before I closed the door.

It was his last night as a four year old.

Welcome, Five Year Old.

I am so very happy to meet you.


5 thoughts on “You are my sunshine

  1. risinghawk says:

    To have such a sweet and caring mother is an exquisite blessing, one that they will define their lives. Many blessings to you…

  2. Sue Housholder says:

    Lovely, Sara. I can’t wait until your “babies” are old enough to read what their most caring and loving mother has written about them.

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