Sweet beginning of summer time

They are running and diving and shrieking. A menagerie of children scrambles up a small hill, eyes bright and arms open wide.

The youngest discovers the scooter, all smiles as he explores and tests his balance.

The lone girl is a sassy combination of tough + sweetness. Her eyes tell you that she can hold her own in this group of rough and tumble boys.

We hover, ready to catch and quick to release, then step back as our confidence in our children’s ability to play on their own grows. These young independents are intensely focused on getting the most of out each minute of the day.

The grass is freshly mowed, the skies are blue. I sense angels tumbling across soft patches of white, their joy palpable and contagious.

The sun drops a little lower in the sky.

The transition to indoors, a time of baths and books and bed, draws near, but we linger, tasting the wine, savoring the quiet wildness of a backyard gathering.

Friendship among families, moments of gentleness intermingle with tears and tumbles as the children stretch and reach and climb.

And we say no to more brownies, and yes to more strawberries.

We dissolve into laughter as we head out into the night, having successfully navigated the bumpiness of a family day again. We made it!

By the time we reach home, they are sleepy and willful, resisting the disappearance of the day.

I understand. I, too, regret the night’s approach, thinking about all that we have done in these days away from school and work.

The sweet beginning of Summertime softens and paints our world with wide brushstrokes.

We tint our own reality in a rainbow of colors. Summer brings the red, white and blue, and I tuck away the gray for the season.


2 thoughts on “Sweet beginning of summer time

  1. tereasamansfield says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day!

  2. paralaxvu says:

    Do you hear me sighing and smiling? I am, I am…

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