Sneezing monkey in the house

In case you didn’t hear yet, a sneezing monkey is among the Top 10 new species of 2011 named by the International Institute for Species Exploration. Found in the mountains of Myanmar, Rhinopithecus strykeri is believed to be critically endangered.

The little monkey has a pug-like nose and mostly black fur.

It sneezes when it rains.

Isn’t that awesome?

Check out this one-minute video of the monkey.

I don’t know why, but when I read about this little guy I just felt pure delight. Knowing he is out there makes my heart sing. And I’m not a big animal lover type of person or anything, and I automatically delete every forwarded e-mail message that contains “Watch this! Cutest dog-lamb-elephant-goldfish-whatever takes care of abandoned baby bug-raccoon-skunk-kitten-whatever.

I never read Black Beauty because I never liked horses.

I did beg for, and eventually receive, a puppy at age 12. I didn’t train him (nor did my parents). For years this wonderful, silly mutt ran away continually and stole food from the kitchen and caused all sorts of trouble.

My eldest son wants a kitten soooooooooooo much.

No. Way. At this point I’m good with a dog and two boys. But another living presence in our household would not be sustainable, I’m afraid.

Your dad is allergic, I explain.

No problem, he assures me.

Every time Daddy is in the room and the kitten comes near him, I’ll run in and take the kitten into another room”.



I’ll never get a kitten!” he grumbles.

Nope. Sorry.

But a sneezing monkey?

Now that I might agree to. I hope my husband’s not allergic.

2 thoughts on “Sneezing monkey in the house

  1. I sneeze in the rain. I thought it was a cold! 🙂

  2. brulionman says:

    I’ve never seen Michael so hairy! 😉

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