Reflections on writing

She wrote: I feel the need to be honest with you, especially, since you are a shining model of honesty and vulnerability on your blog.

Wow. Before I even got out of bed this morning, my heart was filled with unexpected joy at having reached someone for whom I have tremendous respect and affection, though our time together was shared many years ago in an place that seems light years away. She also made me wonder how others perceive my words on this blog.

My words are true. But do they tell the whole story?

I do keep some things – well, a lot of things, actually, private.

I began writing this blog nearly one year ago. Impulsively, I set up a WordPress account, and just a few minutes later, I hit send to announce my new project to everyone I could think of (except, perhaps, my co-workers). I didn’t have clear expectations for the project nor did I have a clue as to how many other bloggers are out there (millions!), and how meaningful an impact this would have on my life.

In exploring life through words, I give myself a precious gift: time and space for quiet reflection. In sharing my observations with others, I’ve met others in need of inspiration and peace. I do not claim to “help” anybody through words, but I am humbled at the quality of the comments I receive every day… from friends and strangers.

Are bloggers helpful?

Or are we the ultimate narcissists?

Because none of my posts have gone viral (one can hope!) or made it to the Huffington Post (yet!), I am well aware that many of my readers are friends and family members. Given that they know me, I am mindful of what I write.

Except when I’m not.

Because sometimes I pretend I am protected by an imaginary anonymity where I write honestly, without giving too much thought to what the comments (or non-comments) from those who know me will be. Much like Harry Potter‘s invisibility cloak, my illusory anonymity allows me to write freely and authentically.

And sometimes I write under the influence of a glass of wine (or three). This helps, too.

The other day my husband shared some e-mail banter with me between him and a friend who is expecting his first baby. The dialog included recommendations for baby backpacks and folding vs non folding strollers and remarks on how attractive the model parents are on the MacClaren website.

It concluded with the friend saying, “thanks man, you should start a blog.” Insert note of sarcasm here.

I couldn’t stop laughing. If my husband were to write a blog, it would be so much different than my own. It would probably focus on European soccer and cycling, bands I’ve never heard of and energy efficiency acquisition targets.

It would definitely include a lot more profanity.

Want to guest post, monchito?

I’m going to keep on posting my observations, and, always, always, always welcome your thoughts, questions and challenges. Thank you for reading and for your support.

4 thoughts on “Reflections on writing

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Honesty captivates…. dont we all want the truth anyways? Glad to see that ppl are actually blogging honestly.

  2. colourtheday says:

    Read your blog and love that you are straight forward and honest. It’s important to be true to yourself, and not to your readers, once we step out of that mode, we loose… however anonymous, blogging is always quite transparent as well!

  3. extechie says:

    Wow, thanks for the props on your blog! I had no idea that my compliment would mean so much to you when I wrote that email. It was just true in that moment.

    I think it is impossible to be completely honest in a forum like a blog. You must edit yourself because you can’t write about EVERYTHING. So something always gets left out. It think it is the nature of the beast.

  4. extechie says:

    I just wrote a comment that I tried to post, but WordPress lost it because I hadn’t logged in to my own account! ARGH. The basic gist was to thank you for the props and to say that I don’t think anyone can be entirely honest in a blog, because of the nature of the medium. You MUST edit out certain aspects of your daily life, and so because you can’t put EVERYTHING in, some things are left unsaid.

    I have mostly abandoned my own blog because it got too difficult to keep up with it and my own life. Life won out.

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