Nuts and bolts



the earth’s core: center, interior, middle, nucleus; recesses, bowels, depths; informal innards; literary midst.
the core of the argument: heart, heart of the matter, nucleus, nub, kernel, marrow, meat, essence, quintessence, crux, gist, pith, substance, basis, fundamentals; informal nitty-gritty, brass tacks, nuts and bolts.

What is my core?

Who is my core?

I draw upon the strength and love and spirit of my family as well as rely on healing practices that include running and meditation and laughter to center and guide me. At the core of my very being, I know that there is not a reason for everything that comes to pass, but that I have been given gifts and resources to make life as rewarding and beautiful as it can be.

My children are the nuts and bolts in my daily life. They sate my heart so that it’s brimming with love, especially when they say things like my eldest did this morning: “Good bye Mama, have a good day at work, all my love will be in your heart at the office!”

My husband, whom I knew – I really knew – was the one the first day I met him so long ago.

My sisters – present, always – and my parents, are historical and unconditional supporters of me at every step along the path that is my life.

These people, and so many more, give me cause for joy and gratitude. I thought I’d take a moment today to acknowledge the deep love that flows within and among and before and beyond us… it is that love that is at my core.

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6 thoughts on “Nuts and bolts

  1. Wisper says:

    Simple, straight forward answer to a very basic question. Great job of distilling a complex idea into such a well written answer.

  2. I like that you’ve realized that the people in your life gather together to make up such a big part of your central being. I can tell you put a lot of consideration into what drives you in your life.

  3. paralaxvu says:

    You give me such hope in the younger generation.

  4. This is a wonderful, hopeful post. I especially love “They sate my heart so that it’s brimming with love”. Sheer poetry.

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