Stuff that makes me crazy

Scintilla Project Day Ten, Prompt B: Pet peeves. We’ve all got ’em. What are yours?

I feel a little bad writing about stuff that bugs me but isn’t very important, especially given that there are far more troubling issues going on in our world (please consider reading this soul-searching post by a white woman – who in many ways feels like my friend though we have never met – on the senseless death of Trayvon Martin or this horrifying post on violence against women in Morocco).

But the prompt is the prompt, so here goes. I’m pretty even-tempered, and the small stuff doesn’t tend to sweat me. However…

People who knock at my door between 5:00 and 9:00 pm asking me to sign a petition, give them money, or listen to them preach make me crazy. Actually I don’t like door-to-door traveling salesman or petitioners at any time of day, but lately we’re getting a bunch of well-intended people vying for our attention while we’ve got kids to tend/feed/bathe/bed. It’s annoying.

I do not like being asked for directions while I’m working out. Even though I may not be running very fast, I can’t stand being stopped by a car pulling over to ask how to get somewhere. I’m also really bad at giving directions, and so although I would prefer to fake hearing loss or act totally oblivious to their presence, I’m a nice person so I usually stop. Seriously, drivers, go ask someone gardening in their front yard or out for a leisurely stroll for directions.

Q-tips (I hope my husband isn’t reading). I hate them. I hate how they end up on the floor instead of the trashcan in the bathroom and I hate picking them up. Yuck. If I never saw another Q-tip in my life, I would be content.

Runny-nosed children, mine included. I love my children. And I love a lot of other children. But I wipe their noses. Regularly. Why don’t teachers/parents/elders/caregivers WIPE THEIR KIDS’ NOSES? Especially in restaurants, grocery stores and other public spaces. People should always pack tissues when they travel with children under age five. It’s a health issue and a courtesy to not subject people to your kid’s nasal drainage all over the place. Buy some Kleenex.

People who drive slowly, don’t use turn signals, stop in the middle of an intersection randomly and otherwise keep traffic from moving make me absolutely crazy. Just DRIVE for God’s sake. People drive much slower in my current hometown than where I grew up — like they don’t even drive the speed limit.

Racist idiots. Actually this does not qualify as a pet peeve, but is defined by a certain category of humanity that makes me angry, sad and frustrated. I’ll give you an example of how these type of people can put me in a foul mood and makes me wonder just what it’s going to take for human beings to acknowledge that we are all human beings and not ice cream flavors or Crayola crayons or alien species or whatever. The wildly successful, creative and wonderful Hunger Games book series has been made into a movie (and I’m eager to see it in the real live theatre very soon if we can get a sitter or I leave the chiquitos with their father).

But yesterday I read that some Hunger Games fans are criticizing the film because two of its central characters are black, including heartbreaking, tiny, intelligent Rue and clever, thoughtful, curious, attractive Cinna.

Truly, I was speechless when I read the criticism. Narrow-minded racist idiots, you are so much more than a pet peeve, but you’re getting worked into this post today anyway.

And finally, I detest the sound of people chomping on or sucking the marrow out of chicken bones. It’s disgusting. And unfortunately, this isn’t unusual practice in many parts of the world.

Tell me your pet peeves, readers!

One thought on “Stuff that makes me crazy

  1. Kate Swanson says:

    One of my pet peeves (I have many) is friends who call me and then put me on hold while they take another call.

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