Digging Deep!

I am absolutely thrilled to let my Sunshine and Salad readers know that I have been invited to blog weekly for the Digging Deep Campaign. The creators and bloggers at Digging Deep are researching the companies, organizations, policies, and practices shaping our diets and the food system. You can read my first post HERE, or click on the link below!


I will be posting every Monday for Digging Deep, and will link my posts to Sunshine and Salad. If you have a question or a reflection to share, please do comment on either blog (or both!).

You can read more about the Digging Deep Campaign and its team of bloggers HERE.

Have a great day!




2 thoughts on “Digging Deep!

  1. How wonderful! Digging Deep seems like a great movement, so I’ll be looking forward to your posts with them and learning more!

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