Healing dreams and needles

Does washing dishes hurt your feelings?

You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I don’t want to eat anything because then it means I’ll have to clean up. This morning I placed my toast on a napkin to preserve a clean plate.

I just threw my hat in the ring to win the HGTV 2012 Dream House.  All you gotta do is give them your name, email address, and first born child (kidding!) Someone has to win, right? So why not me. This house is spectacular. It has an outdoor living room. A fabulous hot tub. Gorgeous views. Stone walls.

But most importantly, it has a dishwasher.

The Dream House people send me personal e-mails every day encouraging me to try and win this property. I’m such a sucker for this stuff it’s no wonder my in box fills up with ridiculous crap every hour. But truly, I want to win something, and I never win anything. Why not dream big?

Speaking of dreaming big, I am super excited because my foot is healing! That means I get to START RUNNING AGAIN.

The third acupuncture treatment I had this afternoon was another shared experience at Working Class Acupuncture. Several huge comfy easy chairs are placed around a gigantic room heated by a large silver furnace in a corner of the room. They are draped in sheets. Warm blankets are available next to each chair. Reclining, eyes closed, I felt slim needles made of stainless steel wire being placed at critical points to stimulate the flow of energy and correct any imbalances.

Usually I don’t feel much more than a slight prick as the needles are placed. Today, however, there were several points that felt tender. For the first time ever, I asked the practionioner to ease up on three needles placed in my right hand because the underside of my wrist and arm began to throb moments after they were placed. He did so, and it was better.

Once settled in for the hour, my mind flew around and around as I thought of all there is to do at work and home. Consciously, I held the word “stop” silently in my mind for several minutes. And amazingly, it began to work. I pictured my busy thoughts drifting out to sea. One by one I placed the tasks I felt I “had to” or “need to” and even “want to” do in a bottle and cast them out on the water. While observing their release, some bobbed back to shore, coming in on the tide, and then I’d cast them out further, which gave me much needed peace at the end of a very long week.

I may not need that MRI after all.

Tonight I had dinner with a dear friend. I’m going to sleep early.

All is well. And tomorrow I will go for a run.


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