Eight days in and counting…

We’re a week into the New Year. So far, so good, I guess.


Three days ago I got an x-ray of my foot that indicated no fracture (you may recall I’ve been dealing with a sprained ankle since September). Rather than feeling relieved, I was annoyed. Another difficult-if-not-impossible-to-diagnose condition that is complicating my life.

On the up side, I immediately made an appointment to visit an acupuncture clinic on the east side of Portland. The acupuncturist was very sweet and rather young, but I was completely satisfied when I left the building. Twenty or so tiny needles were placed lightly and meaningfully into various parts of my body and I relaxed in a warm recliner among others receiving treatment for about an hour. If you haven’t considered acupuncture, I encourage you to do so. The literature suggests acupuncture is highly effective to treat a variety of issues ranging from back pain to addiction. I won’t elaborate here, but it truly is remarkable.

Despite taking steps to heal, I’m not happy about not running. When I was a teenager, I once made an “I like” list. I did this to cheer me up, but it didn’t work. A close friend countered me by creating an “I hate” list and it hurt my feelings. But today I believe she must have gotten better results. Sometimes the best thing to do is truly and authentically vent about all that’s wrong, uninspired, and hurtful in the world then try and cover up what you’re really feeling.

That said, I do tend to look on the bright side (this blog is called Sunshine and Salad, after all), and I’ve been prompted to write about a few of those things that make life worth living, even when it feels like it’s not. Enjoy it (or counter with an I hate list of your own – I’d love to hear it).

Food and Drink I deeply appreciate the first sip of coffee I take in the morning. The aroma of freshly ground beans. Knowing those beans were organically and ethically grown, tended, harvested, roasted and sold. Remembering my gig managing a ranch in southern Mexico where I learned what coffee plants look like, and how incredibly hard it is to be a picker, reminds me of what’s important.

Relationships My girlfriends are the best. I frequently fantasize about meeting one day in some undisclosed tropical location to run and play and laugh and sleep and eat and drink and talk. And talk. And talk. No kids. No partners. Just us girls. For now, I enjoy the moments when we gather for a quick coffee, a run, an e-mail, or a phone call.

Travel I cherish a cloudless sky on a camping trip. Have you seen the moon tonight? (If not, please stop reading, go outside and say something out loud to the moon). We’ve already made reservations to camp at Wallowa Lake State Park and Tumalo State Park in Oregon this summer. Wallowa’s campground is surrounded on three sides by 9,000 feet tall snow-capped mountains and faces a large, clear lake. Making camping plans with friends makes me feel that summer isn’t quite so far away.

Surprises Actually I don’t like surprises very much. But it’s always sweet when my husband brings home flowers for no reason, or leads me outside to show me the miniature conifer that he planted in the garden while I was at the store. In the midst of Winter, its diminutive tenderness makes me smile.

Parenting When I ask my eldest if he would like something and he responds politely, “Si, por favor”, it feels good.

When I ask my youngest for a kiss and he smacks directly into me with a big, wet, enthusiastic smooch, it is indescribable.

Pets I’m not too psyched about pet care these days, but really, it doesn’t take much. He goes running with my husband most days, and hangs out at home on his bed or near the heater, and rises during meal time so he can beg for treats. He’s a sweet, mellow, crazy black Lab and I love him.

Miscellaneous/Other These days I love reading (what’s new?), writing and watching. Work is going well, though it has taken the path of a soap opera here and there during the past six months. While committed to contribute as long as I am fortunateenough to work there, a small part of my brain is taking in the dialogue and the drama to inform my experience down the road. Physiologically, I’ve been at a standstill lately, and so that doesn’t belong in any sort of “I like” list. So I’ll just say I’m grateful to have four working limbs and a lifetime of activity that should, and will, encourage activity despite a painful yet non broken foot (Hello

swimming pool!)

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18 thoughts on “Eight days in and counting…

  1. Gretchen says:

    Can we chalk that list up to the fact that I was an insecure moody teenager? That has to count for something. In my mature middle age (are we middle aged yet?), I know that expressing gratitude for what I have wins over dwelling on little wrongs (of which there are a relative few in my life) every time. Thanks for being one of my teachers on this point! And a million sorries for the hurt feelings. xo

    • skpadilla says:

      One of the risks I take in writing a public blog is when people recognize themselves in the posts! Know that I generally only write about those people in the world whom I love the most. And please don’t say we’re middle aged yet! 🙂 Thank you for being in my life.

  2. January says:

    I love optimism. And you are one optimistic mutha. There’s way too much cynicism and negativity in this world. Great post. (and I love that your friend recognized herself in this post and apologized even years later – so sweet).

  3. Of all the treatment options out there, I have not tried Acupuncture. I’m not keen on needles or sharp objects going in my body (but I have tattoos…go figure), but given all the difficulties I have, it sounds like I might have to get into this.

  4. I like positivity in posts. There’s too much negative out there.

    The small things in life do matter!

  5. Your list is excellent, I think I would have the exact same one! Good luck with your foot, I know how frustrating it is to not know what’s wrong and how to fix it.

  6. Eric Storch says:

    It’s nice to see someone who isn’t all “Doom and Gloom.” There’s too much of it. It’s hard to see the positives in life, let alone be able to appreciate them! You have a rare gift for that. Never let it go!

  7. themomalog says:

    I 2nd what Alison said: the small things in life do matter!
    PS: A friend of mine swears by her twice weekly acupuncture appointments.

  8. I too agree with Alison. You inspired me to take a minute and just be thankful for the little things.
    Good luck with the foot!

  9. Leighann says:

    I am a huge advocate for acupuncture! It got me back on my feet after a back injury.
    I know you will be running in no time!

  10. Shannon from mynewfavoriteday says:

    So hard to be confined from what we want to do…having grown up in Oregon, you are part of a culture and a community that so appreciates all the things you list as well as a nice long run! Hang in there and like you I am dreaming about a getaway with my ya yas where we can drink coffee, cocktails and laugh off whatever comes our way! Hope you heal soon and here’s to Accupuncture to help heal faster!

  11. Sperk* says:

    “When I ask my youngest for a kiss and he smacks directly into me with a big, wet, enthusiastic smooch, it is indescribable.” This is the good stuff!

  12. I think both types of lists have their own merits. I can totally understand being upset about NOT being able to run!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  13. chosenchaosblog says:

    My husband has done it a couple of times (to attempt to relieve some of his anxiety) – if nothing else he walked out feeling refreshed and energized. Keep that positive outlook – it will help in the end, no matter what the end is.

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