Una Feliz Navidad

It’s Christmas Eve. The candles glow softly and create a gentle shadowlight on the wall. Pandora streams holiday music, and we listen to Eartha Kitt sweet talk Santa. The children aren’t yet sleeping with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. The eldest is watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and the youngest is somewhere behind closed doors with his father on a top secret Christmas mission. For the first time all day, I sit down.

I sip my wine. It’s a tempranillo from Rioja, Spain and the color of rubies. Quite perfect for tonight.


It is now Christmas Day! I was interrupted last night by the littlest among us who has little patience with his mama on the computer. He’s a free spirit, our Maxwell. I’m looking forward to hearing the words come more easily as he approaches two years old. Currently he uses signing and gesturing and posturing to get what he wants. And screaming!

The boys woke early this morning, but their dad tucked them in again and went out to light a fire and brew coffee while I stayed in bed, wondering how much time I had before the fussing to escape their bedroom would begin. I heard…. nothing. For a long time. Almost two hours, in fact, went by before they woke up! It was 8:35 am when my little ones got up.

It was a Christmas miracle!

Miracles tend me make me feel good. We opened gifts, the littlest tossing and crumpling paper in glee, the eldest taking in all of the new superheroes and building blocks and books and clothes with a smile, an occasional shriek, and my favorite observation: “Mama, Santa knows my whole name!” (First, Middle and Last was written on one of the gifts).

Breakfast included scrambled eggs, sausage, cookies, and oranges. I’m on my third cup of coffee.

We just put on The Lion King (or as Miles calls it, “The king of the lions”).

All is well.

I still haven’t mailed my holidays cards, but who cares?

Wishing you a safe, joyous and love-filled Christmas Day.


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