rush rapid release

Some days I spy pregnant women everywhere. Their bellies are round and hard. Their fashion sense is altered. Their steps are light despite the weight of the child.

I try to remember what it felt like to carry my eldest. And my youngest. It was not so very long ago. As I watch the dance of la embarazada in the market, on the sidewalk, at the park, I wonder what she’s really feeling.

For many, pregnancy is an experience most joyful, exciting, challenging and loving. For some, it is frightening, as women face the unknown. For still others, the very young and the unprepared among them, it can be emotionally excruciating.

Women are makers, carriers and bringers of life.

I’ve never met a Sherpa, but I feel like mothers must resemble this special community of guides from eastern Nepal known for their expertise and hardiness.

Pregnancy is a blessing. A responsibility. A question mark.

I remember when our heartbeats were just inches apart. Months deep into pregnancy, the baby’s heart beat is strong and quick, a profound and powerful flutter. After what seemed an eternity, the moment of delivery happened in a rush rapid release.

Hello, baby. Hello, world.  

This post was written in response to Just Write.


2 thoughts on “rush rapid release

  1. bea says:

    i gave birth to my second child 22 days ago.
    i have been reluctant to let my pregnancy go…even though it has already left.
    i love being pregnant so much..”when our heartbeats are just inches apart”.
    your post gave a voice to some of the emotion i have been experiencing.
    thank you for your words.

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