A Good Day for Ducks

It’s dark and it’s pouring when I open my eyes. Reluctantly, I get up.

I pour the coffee. My kids are (gasp) still asleep!





The rain is relentless, drenching grass and streets and houses, soaking commuters on their way to work. Just a few minutes outside and our black lab’s fur coat is drenched. Shaking, drops of rain scatter across the floor, and I follow a path of wet and muddy paw prints through the bedroom to his bed in the living room.

I look for the kids’ stuff as we prepare to leave. Miles’ raincoat is in the car. Max’s rain boots are in the car.

I am incapable of locating an umbrella.

As my family of four ventures outside together, our faces are tucked into waterproof hoods, and I can hardly see through the falling rain.

Miles says: “It’s a good day for ducks.”



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3 thoughts on “A Good Day for Ducks

  1. Our day looked quite a bit the same, though the children are older. It’s amazing how simple life becomes when something as easy as a walk outside becomes complicated. Does that make sense?!

  2. I love when I am having a rough time and my child does something to make it all better! 🙂

  3. […] Oh summertime, spiderwebs, sunflowers and golden sun. Oh endless laundry and filling of water bottles and constant reminders to settle down, stop squabbling, use your words. Oh sweet sneaking ninja boys who crawl out of bed and ask for one last story. Oh panting dog on the deck who misses his Labrador Days. […]

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