TGIF… two days late!

Weekend posting! This post was prompted by a fun new way to end the week: Just Jennifer’s TGIF link up (

I generally head into the weekend on a positive note. My weekend expectations rarely shift, and they include running, cleaning, and visits to parks, plus backyard play with small people whom I shall refer to as M & M. Other opportunities for the non-working days include a bit of gardening, de-cluttering, newspaper-reading and coupon-clipping. I’m one of those people who enjoy clipping coupons fairly often, but rarely redeem them at the store. Still more potential for the past two days included practicing silence, considering what to get family members for Christmas, planning for this week’s holiday meal, and the always not fun focusing on budget and finance stuff for the household. One final hope is the possibility for more sleep (this, however, is far from an expectation. More like a wish to my own personal genie who has not yet surfaced from any bottle I’ve opened).

Weekend status update and report on above expectations so far:

1.5 hours running (got out twice – awesome)

2 hours watching movie (in the middle of the day! with husband! without children! downtown in a chic hot spot!)

1 hour in swimming pool with M the eldest aka Free Willy as he was known during swim session (chilly, but refreshing)

2 hours at Oregon Science and Industry Museum with M & M (super fun)

Unquantifiable hours cleaning, dishwashing, de-cluttering and organizing room after room after room (this includes endless Lego patrol in the living room to prevent the dreaded stepping on miniature plastic Lego in the middle of the night in bare feet – ouch!)

2 hours watching Ratatouille with eldest M while littlest M napped (lovely)

.5 hour scrapbooking (I’m over a year behind)

2 hours checking work e-mail (also still a little behind)

And several hours filled with the usual miscellaneous kid-parent-dog-family stuff!

Not a terribly exciting weekend, but altogether quite a nice one. So I missed the TGIF posting, but eager to get on with the week… three days till I run the Oregon Turkey Trot ( and dine with close friends and loved ones for the Thanksgiving meal. Hooray!


One thought on “TGIF… two days late!

  1. You didn’t miss it – yay! And this sounds like a perfectly nice weekend to me!

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