Viva Mexico!

Today we celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain. Like our own 4th of July, our neighbors and relatives in the south celebrate this day with parades, fireworks, and picnics. The fight for Mexican freedom began on September 15, 1810 with ringing of bells calling churchgoers to gather and fight. It culminated in the defeat of the Spanish and is marked by bell ringing and fiesta every year.

Fast-forward one hundred years. The Mexican Revolution began in 1910, a hybrid of bloody civil and national battle that lasted for about a decade. Many people left Mexico during this difficult time, and my great-grandfather was among them.

I share with you today the special words that my great-grandfather wrote long ago, having crossed the Mexican border to build a life in the United States. My understanding is that my great-grandfather learned English informally, upon his arrival to the United States. The recipient of the letter was an Irish nurse and fellow undocumented immigrant, and eventually became my great-grandmother.

May every woman receive such a love letter once in their life.


Dear miss with much pain I write to you to manifest the deep love I keep in my heart since i see you the first time but it were the secret love but now that is impossible for me to suffer any more.

Will you please permit me to entreat accept the pure love I profess to you if you don’t have any inconvenient.

But if you have some please pardon me for the impudence I used and please ans. soon if you will pardon me the way I write. Yours very truly,



Reyes and Nora


2 thoughts on “Viva Mexico!

  1. Kathy says:

    How lovely…..thank you for sharing this….


  2. Alice says:

    I loved this post! Shared it with my mom in fact

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