Beginning, Again

Today is July 1. I have long loved the first day of the month, any month. It feels like a fresh start for me as I consider my plans and goals for the month. Toward the end of a rather unproductive June, I longed for this day to arrive. Professionally, I was very productive last month. On the homefront, not so much. Weekday mornings typically speed by in a blur of getting one preschooler and one toddler fed, dressed, cleaned up and toted to “school”, one dog walked and fed, and one tired mama purchasing a huge strong coffee (thank you, Stumptown) on my way to the office if we’ve run out at home. So this month, I’m taking a new approach to life at home and to organization, since no matter how much I fret about the lack of organizational progress at home, that doesn’t really change anything except frustrate me and long for a bigger, cleaner, more modern home (I don’t have a dishwater, friends). Goal # 1: I will watch the clock less (we always seem to make it out the door on time). Goal #2: I will not urge anyone to hurry up, including myself. Goal # 3: I will (and this is the tough part) rise earlier to get outside, by myself, to run, and therefore have more time post-run to shower, dress, etc. And Goal # 4: I will let the kids play later, linger longer, in the evenings, while we hang out together as a family in the backyard. Summers pass too quickly, and I intend to enjoy this one.

That said, we will be rushing out the door tomorrow morning at 5:30 am, to catch a flight to the east coast. Since packing light with children is impossible, I’ve settled for packing well. Clothes that are easy to get on and off and don’t wrinkle (much). Bathing suits. Sunscreen. Flip flops. Waiting for us in Virginia are my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law and their precious ten-month-old-daughter. And because my mom is such a huge help to us, even from across the miles, I know all my kid’s favorite snacks, books, diapers, wipes, and an array of toys will be waiting for them upon arrival at Nana’s house. She’s even managed to borrow two carseats so we don’t have to haul them from coast to coast. My oldest son is incredibly excited about traveling by “jet plane”. My youngest, well, let’s just hope he entertains our fellow passengers. As for me and these new monthly goals: easy. Vacation in the suburbs of northern Virginia is not exactly tropical, and going home is not always fun. But vacay it is, so goal # 5 is to enjoy Every.Single.Day.

Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!


3 thoughts on “Beginning, Again

  1. Nathalie says:

    How was your trip?

  2. evafannon says:

    Hope your vacay was somewhat relaxing!

    About a month ago I was trying to get out the door at a reasonable hour and my oldest was dilly-dallying. I got so frustrated, I snapped at her…and she called me on it. Since then, I set Goal #2.

    Wish I had the commitment and energy to set Goal #3 for myself. How do you do it?

  3. skpadilla says:

    Goal # 3 is incredibly hard and I’m not making it too frequently these days! I tend to try too hard… I promise to get up six days/week at 5:30 am to run… never happens. So I’m amending the Goal to get up early three days/week to run (one on a weekend; two on work days) and telling myself I get to “sleep in” four days/week.. which really means sleeping until one or both boys wake up!

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